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and bingo was his name OH

Jeska's Weekend:

Spent Friday night at Danyells....seemed like I was there for a week. Came home saturday..worked...got picked up by bryan molly and zach. Went to the beach and went to pops and eventually came back to my house to go fishing (i AM really good at fishing I SWEAR) slept in on sunday but got woken up to go to church (?!?!) and then dyed my hair but it didnt work.

Guess whose going to FFTL tuesday.

and whose having a HOMECOMING FIESTA!!!!!

<333 everyone

p.s. im making a new lj. Ill post it when its all done and whatnot.

p.p.s. today I told cliff he was ugly and then my daddy called and i didnt pick up the phone.
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